Advonics Group is a modern, dynamic company of a new type rapidly gaining momentum in the business field of the world electronics industry.

Relying entirely on the competence and effectiveness of its own staff, constantly monitoring the condition of the global market, working with numerous business partners all over the world, we are able to solve issues of exceptional complexity, to help in the most crucial situations and to give effective expert support in time.

We set ourselves up as a universal contractor for any electronic enterprise or laboratory as well as other branches of the electronics market throughout the territory of the former USSR (FSU) and abroad. Specializing in difficult tasks and express-deliveries of IC components, at the same time we are ready to support our customers at any stage of the cycle towards a serialized product or prototype. In-house facilities and the resources of business partners, including foreign ones, allow us to work across the widest spectrum: from design to manufacturing and engineers working ASIC/FPGA and PCB of the highest technological level.

Advonics Group is a flexible, responsible, goal-orientated developing partner, acting at the highest level of modern business standards. We deal with tasks quickly, optimally, and in a mutually profitable way.

IC components distribution is a priority area of Advonics Group activity.
New direction for the development is the integration of all IC business participants in internet platform.

We trace our roots to February 2006 when was established Advanced Electronics company. Advonics Group have representative office in Shenzhen, China. Advonics Group is oriented on wold wide trading, goods consolidation and quality control.

Our divers and highly skilled workforce consist of 70 employees. Clients base counts about 1500 customers. We get 300 orders per day, about 40% of that volume is from steady and V.I.P customers. Total annual turnover reaches 12 million dollars.

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